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Churayashi Park Okinawa Southeast Botanical Garden

A world of plants and animals

Churayashi Park Okinawa Southeast Botanical Gardens is home to more than 1,300 species of tropical and subtropical plants. Visitors can see unique Okinawan flora and animals in the eight acres of two main gardens – aquatic and botanical -- as well as a view of the greenery from the restaurant. The garden has also launched kids’ attractions for the summer months -- an air pool and bouncy slide -- with other events and activities year round. An annual passport is available at a reasonable price, allowing holders to enjoy a picnic lunch or seasonal flowers more often. Hands-on workshops such as container gardening and the winter night illumination are especially popular with families and couples.

Churayashi Park: Palm trees reaching to the sky, over 25 meters (82 feet) high.

Water garden: From June to July lotuses in bloom release a sweet fragrance and make for a beautiful scene. An early morning visit is recommended.