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Okinawa Island Guide


Situated in the Kijoka Hermitage on Route 58 in Kijoka, Ogimi Village, Yambarumba offers a number of marine activities ranging from kayaking and SUP to snorkeling and a powerboat tour at affordable prices. Their activities are run by a friendly English-speaking staff and are mainly conducted in the village. The Kijoka Hermitage provides an inexpensive but comfortable accommodation (¥7,000 for 2 persons) equipped with a shower and toilet as well as a view of the ocean and mountains, suitable for a long stay. Located on a hill and a bit far from the Kijoka, the Ogimi Hermitage has cottages overlooking Shioya Bay.

Kayak tour, SUP: from ¥1,000 1 hour (from ¥3,000/half day)