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Okinawa Island Guide

Kariyushi Kanna Thalasso Laguna

Bade Zone (2F), 1817 Kanna, Ginoza Village
Tel: 098-983-2323
Admission: 2,360 yen for adults, 1,820 yen for ages 65 and over, 1,280 yen for ages 3 to elementary school students. (Prices include tax and towel rental.)
Hours: 10:00-22:00 *last entry 21:00
Open daily

Including Jacuzzis, saunas, seawater swimming pools, slides and an open-air iwaburo (a bath made using rocks), Kariyushi Kanna Thalasso Laguna features 14 types of facilities, all which allow you to enjoy exercises while taking advantage of the buoyancy and other beneficial effects of the water. Relaxation time spent in one of the Jacuzzis on the outdoor terrace while taking in the grand ocean view is second to none. You can treat yourself to a watsu (a form of body therapy conducted in warm water) session, or beauty treatments at the salon located on the third floor. The restaurant on the first floor is a perfect stop for a healthy meal.

南西楽園 シギラベイサイドスイートアラマンダ シギラ黄金温泉

Shigira Bayside Suite Allamanda (Nansei Rakuen) Shigira Ougon Onsen

1405-223 Shinzato, Ueno, Miyakojima City (Miyako Island)
Tel: 0980-74-7340
Hours: April-September: 12:00-22:00; October-March 14:00-22:00 (Last entry 21:30)
Open daily
Outside visitors: Allowed
Admission: 2,000 yen for adults, 1,000 yen for ages 4-11, free for under 3.

ユインチホテル南城 天然温泉さしきの猿人の湯

Sashikino Enjin-no-yu (The Yuinchi Hotel Nanjo)

1688 Shinzato, Sashiki, Nanjo City
Tel: 098-947-0111
Hours: 7:00-23:00; Sat and Sun 6:30-23:00 (Last entry 22:30)
Open daily
Outside visitors: Allowed
Admission: 1,650 yen for adults, 750 yen for elementary school students, free for under 6.

Sashikino Enjin-no-yu offers not only hot springs but also an ocean view relaxation room and an amusement corner with a variety of game machines to enjoy.

琉球温泉 瀬長島ホテル 龍神の湯

Ryujin-no-yu (Ryukyu Onsen Senagajima Hotel)

174-5 Senaga, Tomigusuku City
Tel: 098-851-7167
Hours: 6:00-24:00 (Last entry 23:00)
Open daily
Outside visitors: Allowed
Admission: 1,330 yen (1,540 yen on weekends and holidays) for adults, 720 yen for elementary school students, free for under 6


Miegusuku Onsen/Chura Spa (Loisir Hotel & Spa Tower Naha)

3-2-1 Nishi, Naha City
Tel: 098-868-2222
Hours: 6:30-24:00 (Last entry 23:00)
Open daily
Outside visitors: Allowed
Admission: Miegusuku Onsen (Loisir Hotel Naha): 3,240 yen for adults, 1,545 yen for ages 5-12; Chura Spa (Loisir Spa Tower): 4,265 yen for adults, 1,545 yen for ages 5-12.

In addition to a hot spring, a variety of water relaxation facilities are also available such as an indoor swimming pool and an open-air wave pool that can be accessed by paying the entrance fee for the hot springs.

ザ・ビーチタワー沖縄 テルメヴィラ ちゅら~ゆ

Terme Villa Chula-U (The Beach Tower Okinawa)

2 Mihama, Chatan Town
Tel: 098-926-2611
Hours: 7:00-23:00 (Last entry 22:00)
Open daily
Outside visitors: Allowed
Admission: 1,200 yen (or 1,500 yen on weekends and holidays) for adults, 800 yen for ages 4-11, 300 yen for ages 1-3; early morning entry (7:00-9:00): 600 yen for adults, 300 yen for ages 1-3.
Rentals: Bath towel (100 yen), face towel (50 yen)

Equipped with a shallow pool 80 centimeters deep, a multipurpose pool (closed in winter) and a hot spring as well as a sauna.


Enagic Natural Hot Spring Aroma

7-7-1 Oyama, Ginowan City
Tel: 0120-06-1126
Hours: 6:00-24:00 (Last entry 23:00)
Open daily
Admission: 1,500 yen for adults, 1,000 yen for high school, college and university students, 750 yen for elementary and junior high school students, free for under 6.
*Prices include free use of clothes in the relaxation room or at the facility’s restaurant after bathing.

Features an open-air bath nestled in a lush Japanese garden, hot springs, esthetic spa and relaxation rooms.


Hoshisuna no Hama Beach

Uehara, Taketomi Town (Iriomote Island)

A rocky beach with calm, shallow water, Hoshisuna no Hama Beach is a popular sea bathing spot among families with children. In addition, the beach offers a great snorkeling experience, too. The highlight of this beach is hoshisuna -- star-shaped sand particles that are actually shells of tiny marine creatures called foraminifera.


Uminchu Wharf

54 Mihama, Chatan Town
Tel: Uminchu Wharf Management Office 098-926-5077

This complex facility contains a seafood restaurant operated by the Chatan Town Fisheries Cooperative Association as well as other dining options, souvenir shops and a tourist desk providing reservation services for boat charters and marine activities.

Terme VILLAちゅら~ゆ

Terme Villa Chula-U

2 Mihama, Chatan Town
Tel: 098-926-2611
Hours: Indoor facilities 7:00-23:00 (last entry 22:00); outdoor facilities 10:00-22:00
Open daily

This is a place where you can enjoy a relaxing soak in a natural hot spring, with water rising from 1,400 meters underground. In addition to the open-air baths, saunas and outdoor swimming pool filled with hot spring water, which are open all year round, the multipurpose swimming pool and Jacuzzi are available during the summer months.


Onoyama General Athletic Park

Onoyama General Athletic Park
52 Onoyama-cho, Naha City
Tel: 098-858-2700

The Onoyama General Athletic Park was the first athletic park built in Okinawa, in 1959.

The extent of available facilities and the ideal setting of the park with its spacious lawns make it a prime choice for recreational sports. You can have access to the budokan (indoor arena), gymnasiums for personal training sessions and multiple sports, a swimming pool, athletic fields and tennis courts for a modest fee.

Motobu Genki Mura

410 Hamamoto, Motobu Town
Tel: 0980-51-7878
Hours: 8:00-18:00
Open daily

This is a complex of wellness and recreational facilities where you can enjoy a wide variety of activities, ranging from swim-with-the-dolphins programs and hands-on cultural and craft workshops. Located right next to Motobu Genki Mura is Marine Piazza Okinawa, which is operated under the same ownership.