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Although he works in various media, Bokunen is best known as a printmaker.

Bokunen Naka was born in 1953 on Izena Island, Okinawa












A local artist creates a splash of form and color in American Village

Multidisciplinary Okinawan artist Bokunen Naka started holding solo exhibitions in 1990, showing original prints and bronze works in Japan and abroad. He then moved on to designing the poster for the Less CO₂ Campaign for the Japan Ministry of Environment, a commemorative postage stamp for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) and more. Since 2010, the Bokunen Art Museum and Akara Gallery have been located in Mihama American Village in the Akara Building, which Bokunen himself designed based on traditional Okinawan motifs. Exhibitions are held three times a year and feature unpublished works as well as masterpieces from his extensive collection of past work. The Akara Gallery features Bokunen prints, works by other artists and various art-related merchandise for sale.