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Authentic Mexican café in Mihama American Village

Situated in Mihama American Village, authentic Mexican café Taco Loco provides a real taste of Mexico in Okinawa with a number of different types of menus.

It was 25 years ago that Taku Ohara, the owner of the café, went to Mexico for the first time. Visiting places such as Tijuana, Mexico City and Cancún, he was fascinated with the country. He returned often for cave diving while running a dive shop in Okinawa and decided he wanted to establish an authentic Mexican café at home.

The café’s signature dish, Al Pastor, is prepared like doner kebab, using spicy pork or chicken. Served as tasty bite-sized size tacos, it features delicious grilled meat and pineapple along with a rich mixture of spices such as coriander and cilantro. Both plain and corn tortillas are available and are made from scratch with flour and spices from Mexico. Pico de gallo is highly recommended for lovers of spicy food.

From the terrace seating at Taco Loco, you can enjoy blue sky and ocean during the daytime and stunning city views at night. As you savor an authentic Mexican meal and close your eyes, you’ll feel as if you were in a town in Mexico.

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Come and try the most famous dish, Tacos Al Pastor (200 yen).


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Taco Loco is located on the second floor of Depot Bldg. B, next to the Mihama 7 Plex.