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blue seal single ice cream

Single Scoop ¥330
30+ flavors!

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Mention “ice cream” in Okinawa and the Blue Seal name, which first graced the venerable ice cream shop's main Makiminato branch in the 1970s will come to mind. Hard to miss from Route 58 with its big ice cream cone-shaped neon sign (often used as a photo background), the store has stuck to its 70s American roots with retro-style counters, booths and décor. Thirty flavors on offer range from American San Francisco Mint Chocolate or Banana Susannah, to Okinawan flavors, such as Beni-Imo (sweet potato) or Shio Chinsuko (Okinawan salt cookies). Under the theme of “don't just eat your ice cream, enjoy it” a new Ice Park was opened to provide information and unique visitor experiences.