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Dining and Cigar THE VERONA

Latin music, great cigars, and best drinks

For those who know, it’s the pinnacle of delight to walk into a cigar lounge, whether to purchase and smoke premium cigars, try a new smoke accompanied by a quality drink, relax enjoying the gentle wafts of the highest-quality tobacco in the humidor, or discuss the daily topics in a soft voice with fellow aficionados.

For patrons who prefer a little more pizzazz in their hangouts, The Verona has recently expanded image to thepromoter of things Latin as it now welcomes customers with a motto, “Latin music, savory smoke, and superior drink meet here!” And indeed, they have added weekly Friday salsa lessons. Anyone from beginners to -level dancers is dancers are welcome to attend the 90-minute lessons that start at 19:30. The cost is ¥1,000 plus one drink order.

The Verona is a full-fledged Latin and cigar bar with a professional-level cigar humidor and wine cooler. It has about 1,000 quality cigars in stock, the largest selection in the prefecture. Cigars are also for sale. The food menu features an increasing line of Latin dishes.

Located on the 8th floor of the Depot Island Bld, The Verona arguably has the best oceanview in Mihama. Weekly fireworks on Saturday evenings at 20:00 over the harbor outside add to the location's attraction.