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Emi no Mise

Emi no Mise, a popular restaurant featured in international media along with Ogimi Village, famed for its large elderly population, offers Choju-zen (Longevity Meal) for ¥1,750. You can order a Choju-zen bento (box lunch) for ¥1,300, witha reservation required by the previous day,and enjoy the meal at scenic spots in northern Okinawa. An omakase, or chef’s choice version of the Longevity Meal,can be ordered the same day (¥1,100).

61 Oganeku, Ogimi Village
Tel: 0980-44-3220
Hours: 9:00-16:00
Closed: Tue-Thu

Longevity Meal

1. Bittergreens with tofu 2. Papayajelly with roselle sauce 3. Papaya4. Deep-fried brown sugar doughnut 5. Sweetpotato donut with tapioca6. Brownrice with red beans 7. Yanbaru-style mixed rice 8. Pickledred cucumber with beetroot 9. Papaya pickled in soy sauce 10. Bittermelonsautéed with egg
11. Shikwasa 12. Hijikiseaweed and kelp boiled in soy sauce 13. Misosoup with Okinawan spinach 14. Sweetpotato 15. Simmeredkelp 16. Stewedwinter melon 17. Porkbelly braised in citrus, awamori 18. Stir-fried papaya 19. Cold noodles with citrus, local herb