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ホライズンカレー ワークスオキナワ

Horizon Curry Works

Terrace seating lets you enjoy a slightly different view whenever you visit.

Special stone cooked taco curry

The original hot sesame oil is a favorite with regulars.

Superb ocean view and great food from Mihama Depot Island

What is it about Horizon Curry Works that makes people want to come back? One reason is the signature flavor of their original spicy sesame oil that is served alongside menu items, from Chicken Steak Curry to Vegetable Curry. While the Japanese-style curry is mild, you are free to add as much of the flavorful chili oil as you wish. Prices are also reasonable, and the view from the second floor terrace is superb. While mostly known for curry dishes, other delicious items are just as popular among regulars, including chicken cutlet plates, pasta dishes and even jerk chicken. An excellent café menu is available, as is a great selection of imported beers to enjoy while taking in the sunny ocean view. The all-day menu also includes breakfast items such as the popular French toast. Credit cards and US dollars are gladly accepted.