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Mermaid Bakery

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Hawaiian treat with Portuguese roots

This local bakery is renowned for its signature malasadas (AKA Hawaiian-style Portuguese donuts). In addition to the plain type, Mermaid Bakery offers a variety of malasadas flavored with coffee, strawberry and beniimo (Okinawan purple sweet potato). Deep-fried in palm oil, they are crunchy on the outside, slightly chewy on the inside and taste great even day-old. For an extra 30 yen, you can fill your malasada with custard. The box of assorted mini malasadas is perfect as a gift. The bakery also features a variety of bread and sweets, including cupcakes and tarts, which can be enjoyed in the shop or as takeout. Mermaid Bakery accepts custom orders for birthday cakes, too.

Malasadas sell for 130 yen and up

マーメイドベーカリー Mermaid Bakery

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