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Seafood & Bar Crocodile

T-bone steak (¥2,700)

Let's party! Stop in for a great meal and good fun

This long-established restaurant and bar near the entrance of Mihama American Village is instantly recognizable by the big red crab and totem pole-like sculptures sanding guard near the entrance, which is itself actually a section of concrete pipe. Seating is on a garden-style terrace and at the bar. The atmosphere is one of open space, quirky charm (thanks to the owner, who collects eclectic objects) and the cheerful staff, all of which combine into a good time for customers no matter what part of the world they hail from. An electronic dart board and pool table add competitive fun. Food consists of seafood delicacies including king and Dungeness crab, Ise or Maine lobster and other offerings, such as steaks and grilled crocodile. Weekends feature a variety of Japanese, Western and Polynesian entertainment, and the whole place is available to rent for family or company functions. Pets are welcome.