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ステーキハウス四季 沖縄市本店 

Steakhouse Four Seasons, Okinawa City main branch

Four Seasons -- a restaurant with staying power

Steakhouse Four Seasons is a long-established restaurant serving teppanyaki in a style that hasn't changed in 45 years, since its opening back in the ’70s, around the time of Okinawa's reversion to Japan. Fresh, carefully selected ingredients and grilling are important because the only seasonings used at Four Seasons are salt, pepper and soy sauce. The chef puts on a spectacular performance at this restaurant, always filled with American customers, cooking ingredients right in front of your eyes. Popular choices at Four Seasons range from the highest-grade domestic beef, including tenderloin and sirloin steak, and local aguu pork to lobster, shrimp and various types of fish, each of which is available as an entrée. All teppanyaki items on the menu come with soup, salad, stir-fried vegetables and potatoes. From grilled chicken thigh (¥1,512) to the Hibiscus dinner (from ¥8,640 for two) with your selected cut of beef, lobster and aguu pork, the menu offers options in a wide range of prices to fit your budget.


Tenderloin steak from ¥2,047

Lobster and Steak Combination from ¥3,209

Kobe Tenderloin Steak ¥4,644