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焼肉 天神

Yakiniku Tenjin

Yakiniku Tenjin specializes in brand-name Wagyu Beef Yakiniku

In many parts of the world “Yakiniku” is understood to mean Japanese style barbecue – bite-size pieces of meat and vegetables grilled on a gridiron, and then eaten dipped into various sauces.
Yakiniku Tenjin is a Japanese beef yakiniku restaurant on the 2nd floor of the American Depot C Bldg. near the Ferris wheel in Mihama American Village. The restaurant serves Japanese specialty beef meals such as grilled fresh Saga Beef. Many beef connoisseurs consider Saga beef to be one of the finest beefs in Japan. Tenjin procures the beef by themselves from selected cattle growers to make sure the quality is right. They also serve locally produced Okinawa-brand "Motobu Beef," pork and chicken.
The manager says, “We are proud we can offer our customers many choices, including all-you-can-eat single item orders and sets.” The restaurant also has private rooms for 4 and 8-12 people.
Tenjin also offers Wagyu beef box meals to go for lunch and dinner. To avoid waiting, Tenjin recommends ordering the meal in advance and then picking it up at the store counter. The order pick-up times are 11:30-14:30 and 17:00-22:30.