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Tatami Ishi

Known as Kume Island’s signature feature, Tatami Ishi is an artistic natural creation of polygonal rocks one to two meters in diameter that look like tatami on white sand. These rocks were created by a unique natural phenomenon in which lava slowly cooled and hardened into rock with regularly shaped cracks.


Bade Haus Kume Island

170-1 Ou, Kumejima Town (Kume Island)
Tel: 098-985-8600
Hours: 10:00-21:00
Open daily
Admission to the pool facilities: 2,000 yen for adults, 1,000 yen for children

The world’s first deep-sea-water facility combining German hot bath therapeutic methods. With a superb view of blue waters, you can relax in a pool and take aqua therapy and various types of aesthetic treatment.


Sea Turtle Museum of Kumejima

170 Ou, Kumejima Town (Kume Island)
Tel: 098-985-7513
Hours: 9:00-17:00
Closed: Tue
Admission: 300 yen for ages 16 and over, 200 yen for ages 6-15.

The facility was established for the purpose of preserving endangered sea turtles, with panels and video clips about its mission. You can watch turtles swimming slowly in the water tank.


Obake zaka (ghost slope)

Is this a trick by a ghost? You can experience a mysterious phenomenon on a quiet road in the middle of a field when you stop your car on the steep slope and put it into neutral. You will feel like the car is climbing the slope on its own. This is a visual trick that can be only found in a few places in Japan.


The Uezu House

816 Nishime, Kumejima Town (Kume Island)
Tel: 098-985-2418
Hours: 9:00-18:00
Closed irregularly
Admission: 300 yen for ages 16 and over, 200 yen for ages 13-15, 100 yen for ages 6-12.

An old, one-story wooden house built by a samurai family around 1750 during the time of the Ryukyu Kingdom. The house is surrounded by stone walls and fukugi trees. The design and alignment of the building are based on feng shui.

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Hiyajo Banta

Aka, Kumejima Town (Kume Island)

Banta in the Okinawan dialect means cliff. Hiyajo Banta is a lookout located along the northeastern coast of Kume Island, on a cliff rising to a height of approximately 200 meters above sea level. From Hiyajo Banta you can enjoy an amazing view of Eef Beach and even Aguni Island, Tonaki Island and the Keramas across the water on a clear day. This is also a very popular launching spot for hang gliders.


Eef Beach

Janado, Kumejima Town (Kume Island)

A beach stretching for two kilometers. A variety of marine sports and beach activities can be enjoyed here.


Resort Hotel Kume Island

411 Magari, Kumejima Town (Kume Island)
Tel: 098-985-8001

Category: Resorts & hotels
Features: Resort, outdoor pool
Price range: Moderate