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Okinawa Island Guide

Yuntanza Noborigama

2653-1 Zakimi, Yomitan Village


Projection Mapping on Nakagusuku Castle Ruins 2019

Kitanakagusuku Shiosai Festival


Nakamura House

106 Oshiro, Kitanakagusuku Village
Tel: 098-935-3500
Hours: 9:00-17:30
Closed: Tue
Admission: 500 yen for adults, 300 yen for junior and senior high school students, 200 yen for elementary school students.


読谷山窯 山田真萬ギャラリー

Yuntanza Gama Shinman Yamada Gallery

2653-1 Zakimi, Yomitan
Tel: 098-958-3910
Hours: 11:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00
Closed irregularly



Yuntanzayaki Kitagama store

This store sells work by the four artists at Kitagama, each of whom produces pots, large plates, sake bottles, jars, incense burners, vases, lamps and coffee cups.

2653-1 Zakimi, Yomitan Village
Tel: 098-958-6488
Hours: 9:30-17:30
Closed irregularly


読谷山焼き共同窯 共同売店

Yomitanzanyaki cooperative store

This store sells a variety of Yuntanzayaki work, from cups and plates to home accessories, by Shinman Yamada, Jisei Omine, Terumasa Tamamoto and Meiko Kinjo.

2653-1 Zakimi, Yomitan Village
Tel: 098-958-4468
Hours:  9:30-18:00 *Nov through April until 17:30
Closed: Tue




Pottery & Café Gunjo

Tel: 098-927-9167
Hours: 11:00-18:30
Closed: Sun


Breathing life into pieces with the sprit of Zen

The Largest Sumo Exhibition Ever!


10th Okinawa International Movie Festival


Rainbow Terrace Okinawa

2F, Kishaba 1214, Kitanakagusuku Village
Tel: 098-933-1475
Hours: 11:30-19:00
Closed: Mon, the first Wed of the month
*BBQs reservations required at the restaurant.
*Terrace may be used for reserved BBQs or parties no later than 22:00