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Okinawa Island Guide

Asobinite and FMX at Asobeach

Okinawa Beach Side Rock at Asobeach


Onoyama General Athletic Park

Onoyama General Athletic Park
52 Onoyama-cho, Naha City
Tel: 098-858-2700

The Onoyama General Athletic Park was the first athletic park built in Okinawa, in 1959.

The extent of available facilities and the ideal setting of the park with its spacious lawns make it a prime choice for recreational sports. You can have access to the budokan (indoor arena), gymnasiums for personal training sessions and multiple sports, a swimming pool, athletic fields and tennis courts for a modest fee.

44th Naha Great Tug-of-War Festival / RBC Civic Festival & Orion Beer Paradise

Enter for a chance to win a pair of dinner buffet tickets to the Spain Fair at Loisir Hotel Naha!

Enjoy a Spanish-style buffet at Loisir Hotel Naha

Enjoy live jazz music outdoors in Naha

Artists with Okinawan roots 2: ‘Ansei Uchima, Symphony of Colors and Wind’

Customer Appreciation Festival


2-1-1 Asato, Naha City
Tel: 098-860-7300
Hours vary by store
Open daily

Located in Saion Square and directly connected to the Yui Rail Makishi Station, this shopping complex features various stores including outdoor clothing and equipment shop Neos, organic and aromatherapy specialty store Petaluna and restaurants.

Okinawa packed with eisa festivals this weekend

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Dental Quest (Naha City)