Okinawa Island Guide

Everything on Okinawa Island from A to Z | Uruma City

Okinawa Island Guide
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Okinawa Mazda (Urasoe City)

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Okinawa Subaru (Urasoe City)

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WasherMan (Uruma City)

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Agena Bullring

1076 Agena, Uruma City

A former venue for the All-island Bullfighting Tournament, this bullring has only been hosting only one or two matches a year since a new bullring, the Ishikawa Multipurpose Dome, was opened in Uruma City.

All-Okinawa Bullfighting Tournament in Spring

Bios no Oka 16th Anniversary


Ishikawa Beach

Ishizaki, Ishikawa, Uruma City

This is a public beach situated on the eastern coast of Okinawa, just next to the Ishikawa Sports Park. From the gazebos built on the beach, you can look out over the large expanse of Kin Bay. Surrounded by lush trees providing some welcome shade, the beach is a popular spot for picnics.

Kaichu-doro Beach

4 Yonashiroyahira, Uruma City

The route from the Katsuren Peninsula to Ikei Island, including the 4.7-kilometer-long Kaichu-doro -- an inter-island causeway that cuts through the shallow water between the main island of Okinawa and Henza Island --- is a popular choice for a scenic drive. A roadside park situated at the midpoint of the causeway has a concrete shoreline and a park area with a lush lawn and benches, making it an ideal place for picnics.


Ninjin Observation Tower

Around 1327 Tsuken Katsuren, Uruma City (Tsuken Island)

Ninjin, named for its carrot shape, is located atop a hill on Tsuken Island. The observation tower is a great vantage point, offering a 360-degree view of the island.