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Okinawa Island Guide

Autumn weddings in Okinawa

Autumn, a time of pleasant, mild weather, is one of the top wedding seasons on Okinawa. From September to December you're likely to catch sight of wedding ceremonies performed here and there around the island.

Blessed with warm weather and an average annual temperature of 22.7 degrees Celsius, Okinawa is an excellent destination for weddings all year round. In addition Okinawa is a popular location for wedding photo shoots, and a number of couples visit the island to get their picture taken in wedding attire with the beautiful white sand and blue water in the background. There are also an increasing number of couples nowadays from Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and other parts of East Asia who choose Okinawa as their wedding destination.


The Lazor Garden Alivila Cristea Church is located right across from Nirai Beach, noted for its crystal-clear water, on the grounds of Hotel Nikko Alivila in Yomitan Village.