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Okinawa Island Guide

With Sunny-Net you’re always connected


Conveniently located in Sunabe

Let's face it: Life is not just what we see before us any more. In fact, for many of us only a small percent of our lives involves face-to-face communication. Technology, whether used for studying, entertainment, working, or simply communicating, has greatly expanded the boundaries of our day-to-day interactions, making us more accessible, knowledgeable and more efficient in our careers. What this can mean to people new to Okinawa is that they can stay in touch almost as easily here as they can back home – if they are able to get connected.

To many residents of Okinawa who are foreign nationals, signing up for a local service often comes with a language barrier – or rules and regulations that are different from those back home. It is good to know that there are places to get connections up and running with a minimum of hassle... And, in English.

Enter Sunny-Net. Located in Chatan, this company has a full-time English-speaking staff who will take the stress out of getting you and your family signed up and connected to a host of services that includes fiber optic bandwidth up to 1 gigabyte per second – putting it into the category of ultra high speed.

Unlike some other service providers, when people use Sunny-Net, they won't have to worry about trouble calls to multiple agencies. Sunny-Net handles all service calls whether business or technical. Also unlike other providers, your service will be available from your first signup day, and there is no minimum usage contract in place and no cancellation fee should you choose to end your service.


For a limited time

From now until Sept. 30, Sunny-Net is offering an array of free services for new subscribers that include:

Administrative fee waived (5,000 yen value)

Free pocket WiFi until your fiber line is installed

Residence visit and set up (6,000 yen value)

Two months of free Sunny-Net Smart (U.S. streaming) TV

Free South African designed Hexa bag

1,000 yen Starbucks coupon

Combined, these special perks add up to almost 22,000 yen in free benefits!

To receive these benefits simply visit Sunny-Net in their Sunabe store and present a copy of our new Island Guide Free Fun in the Summer Edition.

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