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Okinawa Island Guide


Now marking 13 years of relaxation

Stepping into this peaceful, tropical-themed facility, you will immediately smell and feel the healthy and relaxing atmosphere before your treatment has even begun. Stay around for a bit, and the skilled and attentive staff will work their magic and refresh your mind and body through massage, including their most popular lymph massage, hot stone spa and holistic body treatments, aroma therapy, facials and a great selection of other aesthetic and therapeutic services. Whether your goal is relief from fatigue, weight loss, improving circulation or just feeling great, all therapeutic and aesthetic treatments and services may be mixed and matched to suit your needs. The spa can accommodate groups of up to six at a time for combination courses for both male and female customers, so couples can enjoy the spa together. ThaiMed is conveniently located on Route 58, near the Isa interchange, and has an English-speaking staff to serve you.