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Mihama’s iconic Akara Building to become history

The Gaudi-inspired building, an architectural rendition of Mutsutoshi Naga's clay works, stands in the American Village with an overwhelming sense of presence. The contrast between the blue sky, the three-dimensionally undulating red-tile roof, and the corridor that serves as a breezeway are features of the building that allow visitors to feel the nature of Okinawa no matter their position to it.

Akara building in Mihama American Village has been a landmark in the area since 2010. Designed by a multi-talented Okinawa artist Bokunen Naka, it has been the home of his namesake Bokunen Art Museum and Akara Gallery. The museum hosts annual exhibitions showcasing Bokunen Naka’s art, both new creations and his past works. The Gallery sells his prints, art-related merchandise, and T-shirts, as well as works by other artists.

The unique building was designed by Bokunen Naka himself and was such a complex project that finding a contractor to put the building together was reportedly a project in itself.

But as the world turns, everything has its time. The Akara building is now slated to close at the beginning of June and then be demolished. Over the next two years, a new building, including a new Bokunen Naka museum and gallery, will be built on the site.

Just now, Bokunen is holding an exhibition titled "Arigatou (Thank you)" through June 2. The exhibition consists of many floral works expressing his gratitude for the past 14 years.

“Daishoenkan,” a large piece of work measuring two meters high and twelve meters wide, reflects Bokunen’s impressions of the world below the sea. Various kinds of fish are accurately depicted by Bokunen, who loves the sea. Take advantage of this chance to see this magnificent piece of artwork.

BOKUNEN created many works on Shurijo Castle after it was destroyed in a fire.




Akara Building & Bokunen Art Gallery

9-20 Mihama, Chatan Town
Tel: 098-926-2764
Open daily