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手作り工房 たつ房


A hands-on craft experience that's uniquely Okinawan

At this workshop you can make shisa out of plaster, the same material used in the shisa that sit on traditional Okinawan roofs. There are two courses in shisa making: shaping, and coloring. On offer at the adjoining shop are numerous shisa with humorous faces, in various sizes. Courses for making shisa are available from ¥1,400. There is a sister workshop, Hide-bo, at Murasaki Mura, a cultural theme park located in Yomitan Village.


Shisa coloring experience
¥1,800 for one (40 min.)

Plaster shisa making experience
¥2,000 for one (60 min. + 30-40 min. drying time)

*Additional charge if color is added to finished piece ¥300-¥500