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Okinawa Island Guide

Historic Spots in the south area

Okinawa was the scene of a fierce ground battle at the end of World War II. As a consequence, over 200,000, military and civilian alike, died in the battle, and more than half of these victims were Okinawan civilians. At the old battle sites in Okinawa, various memorial monuments and museums were built to pray for world peace. These are fitting places to remember the tragedies of war and learn about the importance of peace.The southern coastline, which includes Mabuni Hill, the scene of the battle, has been registered as the only war site quasi-national park in Japan. Today, grass and trees cover the area. More than 120 cenotaphs commemorating the war dead and standing as a silent prayer for the peace of their souls as well as the Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum are located within the park.

A day of remembrance: Okinawa`s Memorial Day

Himeyuri Monument / Himeyuri Peace Museum

Okinawa Peace Prayer Park and Memorial Hall

Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters