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Everything on Okinawa Island from A to Z | Winter Illumination 2020 — Mihama American Village

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Winter Illumination 2020 — Mihama American Village

Although Okinawa is in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mihama American Village does its best to cheer up its visitors for the holiday mood. The trendy destination in Chatan with its Ferris wheel, hot spring, and Depot Island shopping and entertainment complex has again lit its fascinating winter lights through Mar. 17. Throughout the village, colorful LED light displays, Christmas trees, and decorations spread the holiday message day and night. The hundreds of shops and restaurants in the area have taken the season to heart and treat customers to an elaborate show of light. Take a romantic stroll along the beautifully lit Boardwalk and alleys in the area, and not forget the new Lequ Okinawa Spa & Resort area and the adjacent buildings. Photo opportunities abound in the wintertime American Village to keep memories of Okinawa's holiday season for years to come.
To prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection, all staff at the shops wear face masks at all times. Everyone visiting should also wear face masks while not eating and remember social distancing.

Date: Friday, Nov. 20, 2020 through Tuesday, Mar. 17, 2021
Time (night lighting): 18:00-24:00
Place: Mihama American Village
Admission: Free

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