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Yanbaru Club

Located on the Gesashi River and offering a mangrove tour by kayak in English, the Yanbaru Club is recommended for those wanting a fun excursion on the river. You can choose a 1.5-hour tour to the mangrove-filled upper reaches of the river, or a 2.5-hour option to the upper reaches, a tributary and the ocean in good sea conditions. Participants will be able to experience the relaxing flow of time away from the hustle and bustle of the city accompanied by the singing of birds and cicadas.

Mangrove tour time is subject to change every day as the tour is held when the tide is high.

Mangrove kayak tours

2.5 hours
Fee: Adults: ¥6,000, ages 6-12 ¥4,500, ages 3-5 ¥3,000

1.5 hours
Fee: Adults: ¥4,500, ages 6-12 ¥3,000, ages 3-5 ¥2,000

*Cancellation fee: 100% of the tour fee on the tour day reserved; 50% of the tour fee one day before the tour day reserved.