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Okinawa Island Guide

Landing of U.S. Forces Monument

This is a monument located in Chatan Town’s Sunabe Baba Park. The 13-kilometer-long coastline between Chatan Town and Yomitan Village is where U.S. forces made their first landing on Okinawa in 1945, which marked the beginning of the Battle of Okinawa -- the only ground battle fought in Japan during World War II. This monument, along with one erected on the grounds of Tomarigusuku Park in Yomitan's Toguchi area, indicates the area of the U.S. forces' first landing. Images of a mother mourning the death of her child in a bomb shelter, powerful battle tanks and soldiers are inscribed on the monument.



Kinjo-cho, Shuri, Naha City

The second gate of Shurijo Castle comes into view soon as one enters Shurijo Castle Park. The term “shurei” means “observing propriety.” The plaque on the gate is inscribed with the four Chinese characters that read “Land of Propriety,” or Shurei-no-kuni. This beautiful layered gate still conveys the spirit of Ryukyu and serves as a demonstration of courtesy.


The Uezu House

816 Nishime, Kumejima Town (Kume Island)
Tel: 098-985-2418
Hours: 9:00-18:00
Closed irregularly
Admission: 300 yen for ages 16 and over, 200 yen for ages 13-15, 100 yen for ages 6-12.

An old, one-story wooden house built by a samurai family around 1750 during the time of the Ryukyu Kingdom. The house is surrounded by stone walls and fukugi trees. The design and alignment of the building are based on feng shui.




Nago Castle


Nakijin Castle Ruins


Zakimi Castle Ruins


Nakagusuku Castle Ruins

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Mekaru Family Residence

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King Sho En Garden Park

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Tamaudun Mausoleum

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Izena Castle Ruins