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Okinawa Island Guide

Naha Shinko Wharf No. 8 (Wakasa Berth)

1-28 Wakasa, Naha City

The Wakasa Berth caters mostly to international cruise liners such as the Voyager of the Seas and the ship that regularly sails between Taiwan and Okinawa. A new world-class terminal, with customs, immigration and quarantine facilities located on the second floor, was completed at the Wakasa Berth in 2014. The terminal is equipped with a passenger boarding bridge that connects the cruise ship to the terminal.


Naha Shinko (Naha New Port)

1-16-10 Minatomachi, Naha City

Naha Shinko is the largest logistics hub in Okinawa where freighters of varying sizes, container trucks and forklifts are constantly coming and going. In addition, this is the point of departure and arrival for the regular ferries and combined passenger and cargo liners between Okinawa-Tokyo and Okinawa-Osaka/Kobe, and large passenger ships to Taiwan via the Sakishima Islands.

Haisai Champuru Beer Festival 2015

アレッタ 那覇店

Aletta Hotel Rocore Naha branch


Christmas dinner aboard the Moby Dick

Halloween 2015

Bacardi Halloween Night 2015 in Sakurazaka

Ukiuki Ukishima Tug-of-War 2015


Ukishima Garden

2-12-3 Matsuo, Naha City
Tel: 098-943-2100
Hours: Lunch 11:30-15:30; Dinner 18:00-22:00 (last order 21:00)
Open daily

カフェ エイトボール

Café Eight Ball


Chatan Coffee Café Street


Miyagi Meat

2-10-20 Matsuo, Naha City
Tel: 098-862-4450
Hours: 8:30-20:00
Open daily