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Okinawa Island Guide

The Cool Season


Of course, “cool” isn't always just about weather. Against the backdrop of a mild climate, much of Okinawa’s wealth of activities, shopping and opportunities to explore transcend the seasonal divides of many other parts of the world and are enjoyable all year round. Holiday cheer goes on parade via the special events at parks and resorts and the season's many colorful illuminations that bring brightness and color to ever-so-slightly chilly subtropical nights. Even whales are drawn to these islands during their annual migration at this time of year. Day or night – outdoors, indoors or both – you will find plenty to do in Okinawa's cool season!

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The 2017 Custom Auto Show is coming to Okinawa

Nashville Restaurant & Rodeo lets you two-step to a fun-filled evening

Asian Dining Bar A ● danny features great entertainment and delicious Indian food

Baby 123 engages kids in a yummy activity

Sheraton Okinawa Sunmarina Resort serves holiday cheer

Try Sunrise for a small taste of Philly in Chatan

Dog Grooming Salon Windy does more than groom

Pine Tree Bless means elegant, convenient dining for the whole family

Okinawa's newest DoubleTree by Hilton: Naha Shuri Castle
Harley-Davidson Okinawa is hog heaven when souvenir shopping for your favorite biker

Bakubaku Tei

Chatan Taiyo Shokudo

Body Talk “cool & sexy” clothing for L.A. style in Okinawa

NEW! Sakura Dental Clinic in Okinawa City. Call on them in English.