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Okinawa Island Guide

Fukugi tree-lined streets in Bise

Bise is a picturesque village famous for its fukugi trees, located near the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. There are nearly 230 houses in the village area, which is divided like a chessboard, with most of them surrounded by a dense cover of fukugi, scenery once commonly seen in most Okinawan communities. It is one of the few places on the island where you can ride in a buffalo-drawn cart, an experience normally found only on Taketomi Island. You can enjoy a tranquil moment while traveling leisurely along unpaved white-sand streets with the gentle sun filtering down through the fukugi trees.


Chisun Resort Okinawa Churaumi

Chisun Resort Okinawa Churaumi
938 Ishikawa, Motobu Town
Tel: 0980-48-3631

Category: Resorts & hotels
Features: Ocean view, outdoor pool
Price range: Budget

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Ie Beach

2439 Higashiemae, Ie Village (Ie Island)

A beautiful white sand beach that spans about one kilometer along the island's eastern coast.

ホテル ゆがふいんBISE

Yugaf Inn Bise

1147-1 Bise, Motobu Town
Tel: 0980-48-4388

Category: Resorts & hotels
Features: Outdoor pool, ocean view
Price range: Budget


Hotel Mahaina Wellness Resorts Okinawa

1456 Yamakawa, Motobu Town
Tel: 0980-51-7700

Category: Resorts & hotels
Features: Outdoor pool, indoor pool, hot spring, family friendly, ocean view
Price range: Luxury

オン・ザ・ビーチ ルー

On the Beach Lue

2626-1 Sakimotobu, Motobu Town
Tel: 0980-47-3535

Category: Condo hotels
Features: Beach, ocean view
Price range: Budget


Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Hours: 8:30-18:30 *Last entry 17:30; Mar-Sep 8:30-20:00 *Last entry 19:00
Admission: Adults ¥1,850, ages 16-18 ¥1,230, ages 6-15 ¥610, under 5 free
Annual passport: Adults ¥3,700, ages 16-18 ¥2,460, ages 6-15 ¥1,220, under 5 free
*Multi-currency exchange machine is available at the aquarium entrance.
The Ocean Planetarium offers an impressive view of marine life glowing in the dark in the Deep Sea section.
Barrier-free accessibility

This world-renowned aquarium is a must-see when you visit Okinawa. Churaumi means “beautiful ocean” in the Okinawan dialect. You can see huge whale sharks measuring 8.5 meters in length along with various other species of fish that can be observed through a massive acrylic panel.


Native Okinawan Village


Ocean Expo Park


Sesoko Bridge


Oceanic Culture Museum

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