Okinawa Island Guide

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Okinawa Island Guide

Geruma Island

Zamami Village (Geruma Island)

The smallest island in the Keramas in terms of population. It is connected by bridge with Aka Island, and the majority of its land is pristine forest. The south of the Geruma Island is linked by bridge with the small, uninhabited Fukaji Island. Chartered flights to Geruma are available since regular flights were abolished in 2006. This is a quiet island, ideal for visitors who enjoy nature. The Geruma deer, a protected species, is one of the main attractions. Visitors can rent a cycle or motorcycle at rental shop Sho located on Aka Island for use on Geruma Island

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Kushibaru Beach

Aka, Zamami Village (Aka Island)

A quiet beach located in the westernmost part of Aka Island with nothing nearby but the Kushibaru observation tower. With its pristine crystal clear waters, it is ideal for snorkeling and popular among tourists who despite its inconvenient access arrange transportation just to experience the snorkeling and swimming there.

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Hizushi Beach

Aka, Zamami Village (Aka Island)

A small, tranquil beach located to the west of Aka. It is known for its beautiful sunset and is filled with visitors in the early evening.

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Maehama Beach

Aka, Zamami Village (Aka Island)

A beach with gentle waves due to the tetrapods installed to shield it from rough waters. As it is adjacent to the Aka Port and residential area, it is a popular place for tourists and locals alike for viewing the sunset and taking a stroll.

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Aran Observation Tower

Tokashiki, Tokashiki Village (Tokashiki Island)

The east coast of Tokashiki Island can be viewed and even the main island of Okinawa can be seen on a clear day. The waters around Tokashiki Island are not called the “whale channel” without good reason. This spot is ideal for watching whales and is popular among visitors. Binoculars are available at the tower.

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Aharen Observation Tower

Tokashiki, Tokashiki Village (Tokashiki Island)

The most popular observation tower on Tokashiki Island with a stunning, panoramic view of Aharen Beach, which is 10 minutes away on foot.

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Kuba-bayashi Beach

Aharen, Tokashiki Village (Tokashiki Island)

A quiet, sandy beach where camping is allowed, Kuba-bayashi Beach is located near Aharen Beach. This is an ideal place to relax due to the small number of visitors.

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Ie Beach

2439 Higashiemae, Ie Village (Ie Island)

A beautiful white sand beach that spans about one kilometer along the island's eastern coast.


Ukishima Street


Ichiba Hondori Street


Makishi Public Market (Makishi Kosetsu-ichiba)


Tsuboya Yachimun Street

A quiet, stone-paved street around a 10 minute walk from Heiwa Street or Ichiba Hondori Street (both accessible from Kokusai Street). This street is the birthplace of Tsuboya ware, which is renowned as a traditional craft in Okinawa. Today, it is still dotted with many potters’ workshops, and there are a number of pottery shops and galleries on the street. Venturing into one of the many side alleys, visitors may be able to see craftsmen turning potters’ wheels and making pottery. Why not enjoy shopping and taking a walk in this artistic area.

Closest monorail stations: Asato / Makishi
1 Tsuboya, Naha City