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Okinawa Island Guide

Sea Side BBQ

1668-2 Igei, Kin Town
Tel: 098-968-8900
Hours: 16:00-22:00; Sat-Sun 10:00-22:00 (last order 21:00)
Closed: Mon



Pro baseball spring training camp


Kariyushi Kanna Thalasso Laguna

Bade Zone (2F), 1817 Kanna, Ginoza Village
Tel: 098-983-2323
Admission: 2,360 yen for adults, 1,820 yen for ages 65 and over, 1,280 yen for ages 3 to elementary school students. (Prices include tax and towel rental.)
Hours: 10:00-22:00 *last entry 21:00
Open daily

Including Jacuzzis, saunas, seawater swimming pools, slides and an open-air iwaburo (a bath made using rocks), Kariyushi Kanna Thalasso Laguna features 14 types of facilities, all which allow you to enjoy exercises while taking advantage of the buoyancy and other beneficial effects of the water. Relaxation time spent in one of the Jacuzzis on the outdoor terrace while taking in the grand ocean view is second to none. You can treat yourself to a watsu (a form of body therapy conducted in warm water) session, or beauty treatments at the salon located on the third floor. The restaurant on the first floor is a perfect stop for a healthy meal.

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Okinawa packed with eisa festivals this weekend

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Hokubu Chiku Ishikai Hospital ...

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Mangroves on the Okukubi River

Kin, Kin Town
This is the only place on the main island of Okinawa where four different types of mangroves can be observed growing together. The area is also known as a good spot for bird watching as the natural surroundings attract quite a large number of birds.


Shinkaichi district

Shinkaichi, Kin Town

Since its appearance in films and photo magazines, the Shinkaichi district has come into the limelight as a new sightseeing spot. Shinkaichi, located right across from the main gate of Camp Hansen, is Kin's entertainment center with numerous bars and restaurants with unique food choices including taco rice. The walls of the area are covered in impressive graffiti.


Kin Ukkaga

640 Kin, Kin Town

One of Okinawa's most important spring water sources, also known as the ''fountain of longevity.''


Kin Shonyudo

222 Kin, Kin Town
Tel: 098-968-8581
Hours: 9:00-16:45 (Kannon Chaya)
Open daily
Admission: 400 yen

With ideal conditions for aging awamori, this cave on the Kin Kannon Temple grounds offers an awamori storage service in which 10,000 bottles are currently stored.


Kin Kannon Temple

222 Kin, Kin Town

This is a traditional wooden temple built about 480 years ago. Kin Kannon Temple did not suffer direct war damage, and even today it retains its old architecture.