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Made in Okinawa with Pride

With its mild climate, coral-fringed white sand beaches, friendly people and first class accommodations, Okinawa is fast becoming a popular resort destination. Still, ever the backdrop to these increasingly sophisticated resort trappings and spreading international customer base has been a particular pride exhibited by the local people. This pride comes from providing essential services, perpetuating the arts and culinary traditions, or integrating the classic with the modern to create something new. From legal and housing services to aged awamori to locally made clothing and accessories to some of the most delicious and unique places to eat, Okinawa's pride in workmanship shines through.

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View a Unique Okinawan artistic vision at Bokunen Art Museum

Ice Cream in Okinawa means Blue Seal

Kariyushi Wear Gettou Monogatari uses real gettou fibers for a linen-like feel

Grace Rum produces some of the finest rum available in Okinawa

Aloha Shop PAIKAJI brings the spirit of aloha to Okinawa with patterns you can't find in Hawai'i

Boulangerie Cafe Yamashita combines unique baked goods and local ingredients with an ocean view

Ask about all your insurance needs in English at Williams Technical Service

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Naha Shuri Castle – a terrific place for the newest DoubleTree by Hilton

Got onigiri? Pork Tamago Onigiri Honten transforms this “everyman food” into a gourmet delight

Attorney, Toshimitsu Takaesu and his team are sure-footed guides through life's challenges

Ishiganto's “protective” tees and hoodies make great souvenirs and thoughtful gifts

Mitsuo Shiisa Gallery Kokusai St.'s only shisa studio invites you to see and shop

GKCY Okinawa city streetwear and accessories can be found in this eclectic Naha shop

Once tried, Kuganiya's award-winning Okinawa-made confections are never forgotten

Katachiki creates bingata using techniques and materials of old. Bingata is not just for royalty anymore!