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Fun in the Summer


It's hot in Okinawa! Our Fun in the Summer edition of Island Guide Free that is now available and aims to continue our goal of pointing visitors and Okinawa residents toward the fun, flavor and enjoyment to be had in one of Japan's most beautiful places. Look inside for our latest recommendations and announcements. In addition to annual fairs and festivals, our updated events section will guide you to some special performances and events coming to Okinawa that promise to add a refreshing coolness to your hot summer.

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Fun in the Summer Edition


Ootoya brings healthy and hearty together

Oki-SUP takes mind and body gliding across the waves

Red Kitchen & Cafe is a favorite Gate 2 Street hangout

TK Cafe moves to Chatan

Curry House offers Nepalese-inspired spice to your day

Bollywood Dreams showcases an award-winning dish

Let Sunny-Net internet service provider hook you up!

Kyoto Ramen Kirikiya now has two locations!

1.5 Gakuya food and smoothies in the beautiful northern area

Did you know Hotel Moon Beach has their own farm?

Travelers at heart visit Naha's unique Estinate Hotel

Come to Sunrise if you miss Philly cheese sandwiches!

Bring your friends to Pink Elephant... And sharpen those skills!

First United Pentecostal Church is never far from home

Baby 123 helps young minds grow