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Okinawa’s Endless Summer


Okinawa's Endless Summer edition is the latest addition to the Island Guide Free series that together aim to guide both visitors and local residents through Okinawa's fun and exciting events, festivals and fairs while also showcasing the very best in local foods, beverages, products and services. The climate may be cooling off just a tad, but rest assured, Okinawa has plenty to see, do and experience for the rest of the year. In this issue you will find information about event and festival dates and times, the best places to eat and drink, unwind with spa therapy or even entrust with your child's education. Let your summer truly be endless.

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Okinawa's Endless Summer


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Pine Tree Bless gives you another reason to visit T Galleria

Dojo Bar: Okinawa's friendliest dojo

Infiniti Bar and grill serving sunsets nightly

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium offers a passport to fun and learning

Kyoto Ramen Kairikiya – ramen, need we say more?

Sunny-Net brings the world to you hassle-free and at 1GB/s!

Kouwa Sushi serves the freshest and the friendliest food daily

Tony Roma's to the rescue for a back home feast

ThaiMed celebrates 10 years!

Agnes' Portuguese Bake Shop brings the taste of aloha to Chatan

Kanucha an expansive resort with a great Halloween special coming

Reef Encounters shows a side of Okinawa you've only dreamed about

Pasta!! Pasta!! puts all-you-can-eat or drink special just where you want them

Manga Soukou is home to a different kind of fashion!

Kamezen Shokudo serves Okinawan food in a nostalgic setting