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Okinawa Island Guide

Miyagi Island’s hidden beach

A hidden beach on Miyagi Island where rave parties and other events used to be held in the past, as hardly anything existed there other than fields. Since there are strong riptides, visitors should be careful if they plan to swim. This beach is frequented by surfers, locals and American families who camp out in the area.



Miyagi Island

Because the altitude is higher here than on neighboring islands, visitors should not miss Kafu Banta (Cape of Happiness), which offers a scenic view from Nuchi-Una, a salt producer located on the cape that is also a popular tourist destination on the island. The breathtaking view of magnificent coral reefs makes this a scenic spot that’s rare even onthe main island of Okinawa.

Kafu Banta offers a cliff-top view of the sea 120 meters below.


Ikei Island

It takes about 90 minutes by car from Naha Airport to Ikei Island, the outermost of the three islands. The color of the ocean is beautiful, especially around Ikei Ohashi Bridge, and the landscape is stunning. There are two pleasant beaches here: Ikei Beach, with lockers, a shop and a restaurant, and the natural Odomari Beach.




Kominka Shokudo Tirabui

Tel: 098-977-7688
Hours 11:00-16:00
Closed: Tue



Odomari Beach

Known for its transparent water, this 600-meter-long natural beach is recommended for those who want to simply enjoy a leisurely atmosphere engaging in such marine activities as snorkeling. There are two parking areas; the one closest to the beach charges a reasonable fee of ¥500.

Tel: 098-977-8027
Swimming season: Year round
Admission: Adults ¥400, under 12 ¥300
Snorkeling: OK
Parking ¥500 / day



Ikei Beach

Tel: 098-977-8464
Swimming season: Year round
Admission: Adults ¥400, ages 5-13 ¥300
Snorkeling: OK



International Karate Study Center

Murasaki Mura is home to the International Karate Study Center, where visitors can try their empty hand at karate. Typical classes, available in both Japanese and English, are one hour long, although extended sessions are possible. Book a lesson in advance and experience traditional Okinawan karate.

Tel: 080-3200-5471
Admission: ¥2,575 / person (¥1,620 / person with 5 participants or more)
*1-20 participants can be accommodated at one time
Closed: Sun



Katsuren Castle Ruins

Tel: 098-978-7373
Hours:  9:00-18:00
Open daily
Admission: free



Hamahiga Island

Hamahiga is a small island with a perimeter of only seven kilometers.According to Ryukyuan legend, this island was inhabited by the gods and hosts a number of sacred sites and spiritual places in villages full of traditional houses. To get to the island, go to Henza Island via the inter-island causeway, then take the Hamahiga Bridge, built in 1997. The island is a peaceful getaway with beautiful natural beaches.

東南植物楽園 Go!Go!ゴールデンウィーク 

Southeast Botanical Gardens Golden Week Promotions


Southeast Botanical Gardens

2146 Chibana, Okinawa City
Tel: 098-939- 2555
Hours: Sun-Thu 9:00-18:00; Fri, Sat and the day before public holidays 9:00-22:00
Open daily
Admission: Adults ¥1,500, ages 16-18 ¥1,000, ages 7-15 ¥500, under 6 free
*Free admission to restaurant and shop on the premises *Annual passport: Adults ¥3,650, ages 15-18 ¥2,500, ages 7-14 ¥1,250